New collection in the Spanish library: a novel adaptation

Hi everybody!
I’ve just created a new collection for the Spanish library.
I’ve been speaking with several students about the literary content that can be found in the library. Because of the copyright issues all novels are really old. There is no modern literature.
So what I’ve done is to take a short novel from a known Spanish writer, Eduardo Mendoza, and made a free, short adaptation. I’ve deleted a lot of really local references that would have made the comprehension difficult and adapted a little bit the language. The result is not an original novel from a famous writer, but probably is the closest we can get here at LingQ. At least, it is a little science-fiction funny story.

The collection is not yet completed. Right now there are just 5 lessons, but I will create more in the days coming.

Here’s the link to the collection: Login - LingQ

Wow, thanks Albert, this is just hilarious! There are lots of great new words to learn too. I want to go buy this book now. Thank you so much for making all this awesome content, it makes learning Spanish so enjoyable! Keep 'em coming.

This is great Albert, there are quite a lot of new words for me too which is great, I also like the way its written, I often remember words in context and the context here is great. Its very funny as well. I can’t wait for your next lessons.

I’m glad you enjoy it! I’ve just recorded 3 more lessons for this collection! :wink:

I’ve just recorded 6 more lessons for this collection! Right now there are 13 lessons available. I’ll keep them coming! :slight_smile:

I forgot to say that in most of the lessons you may find some words or expression in bold. You can find the definition or explanation of these words in the Translation section under the Resources tab, on the upper right side of each lesson.

Thank you so much :slight_smile:

I’ve just recorded 5 new lessons for this collection (the ones corresponding to Day 5 and 6). Right now there are 18 lessons available. I’ll keep them coming! :slight_smile:

Thanks for all your hard work Albert. I will be back in Vancouver tomorrow and will take the time to do your new lessons. We will also be reviewing how best to feature our member generated content and how to allow our learners to evaluate and comment on our content. This will all take time in the meantime please keep the great content coming. If we all work together we can create something truly unique and effective.

I had set aside “Marina” by Carlos Ruiz Zafon to read on the plane, but today in Munich I bought “Deutschland schaft sich ab” by Thilo Sarrazin. I am not sure how much of either I will read. I need to do more of your lessons so that there are fewer unknown words when I read books.

You’re welcome Steve. I can’t wait to see those changes that will boost the quality of our library.
How is “Marina” coming along? I haven’t read it yet, it is in my To Do list!