New collection in the German Library: Das Warme Polarland

I am importing a fantasy story by Ernst Constantin. It is about some whalers who discover a fantastical land in the far north. It is suitable for beginner 2 and intermediate 1 learners I should think.

Is this available for sharing? In any case we will, in the future be setting up some way of making lists of non-sharable content in each language so that people can import them for their own use We are not there yet.

I am not really sure if it is for sharing when LingQ is not really free (what is planed).
Perhaps someone should ask there or understand better than me

Yes, it’s all for sharing and all for free. It’s what I’m listening to currently from librivox.


LingQ will be no more or less free in the new system than it is now. LingQ is a learning system that operates according to commercial principles. It attempts to get paid for some of the services that it provides. It does now and it will in a few weeks when the changes come in. There are different kinds of creative commons licenses. Some are completely free of restriction and some do not allow any commercial use of their content. Any content source that operates on the basis of a restrictive commercial commons license that prohibits the use of their material for commercial purposes may be reluctant to allow LingQ to use their content. We can always ask.

We need to explain that at LingQ all content is available for free download, and free distribution, both the text and the audio. Anything the LingQ community creates, including the vast English library, our LingQ podcasts, and member created content is available to anyone for free download and distribution. Any third party content that we are allowed to use is also freely available for download and distribution.

At present we restrict the free use of some of LingQ’s learning functionality in one way. We limit the number of content items a learner may have on his or her workdesk. In a few weeks we will restrict the use of our functionality in a different way. We will no longer limit the number of items on the workdesk, we will limit the number of words that the learner can keep in his or her vocabulary list, probably to something between 300 and 500. This does not make us more or less free, nor more or less commercial.

Please try to be clear on this.

Steve. I have no problem with the plans from LingQ!
Where I have problems is, how the provider from those items interpret the using or the sharing in LingQ.

In the meantime I know to much problems with those things and so I would ask each provider and would have his written authorization before I would allowed to bring items in a library how LingQ has.

I know, it is not the member that would have problems when there are problems, it is the host (LingQ).

I know that you are one of our most active and positive supporters. I only want to point out that you seemed to imply that our plans would make LingQ no longer “free”. In fact this is not so. It will be no more or less free than it is today from the point of view of content producers. Some LingQ members may prefer the present restriction of the planned restriction, but to third party sources of content it is the same, no change in our status.

When you and others are kind enough to approach content providers with the request to share their content on our community, it is important to explain that we are a commercial site in the sense that we promote services that require the user to pay. However, at the same time, all content, including that produced by LingQ is shared freely with others, with no restriction. On that basis some content providers who have a restrictive creative commons license may still agree to let us use the content. If their creative commons license is without restriction, as is the case with Librivox, we can use it.

Yes Steve, I see the difficulties to explain all in a correct way. I hope my English will improve to do it better :slight_smile:

It is good that you brings that point in a clear manner.