New collection in Spanish library: inteligencia emocional

I’ve created a new collection called “inteligencia emocional”:

textos que nos ayudan a vivir nuestra vida de una manera más sabia, a conocernos mejor, a vivir con alegría, a mejorar nuestra autoestima, a vivir sin estrés…

This first lesson is a suggestion from Jolanda, thank you!

Thank you, I enjoyed this lesson, I like this topic very much. :slight_smile:

Thank you Angela :))

I love this topic too, so more will be coming up soon!

Yes, please! I did enjoy the lesson and am looking forward to more. I love the bit about taking poison and waiting for the other person to die … (or words to that effect).

Sorry, posted from the test account. SanneT

That’s funny Sanne, that thing about the poison… it’s exactly that very same phrase that has been banging in my head ever since I read it. It’s so effective… and true! (and I should really work on that, maybe that’s why it struck so hard on me)

I added a new lesson, “tus pensamientos te limitan”

I also added a few lessons to the “simplifica tu vida” collection.

Nueva lección “cómo superar una ruptura” (ruptura sentimental)

También he subido nuevas lecciones de la colección simplifica tu vida:

I’ve added a few lessons I had from other collections that fits better into this “inteligencial emocional” collection.

I also added a new collection called “Tecnología”


Thanks so much Berta! I especially liked the lesson on Roger Bannister. I’ve heard about him before, but it was nice to hear / read again. Our thoughts really do limit us.

Thanks to yo Angela :))

Yes that is a perfect example to see how our thoughts are SO important and restrain us, indeed we are all very silly sometimes (if we stop for a minute and think about it) hahahaha.

Thanks again Berta! I love this collection, and am glad that you have added new lessons to it.

Thank you Angela! I’m glad you like them! ;)))