New collecion in the English library: Listen to English

These podcasts look very interesting! Who is put them in the library, and would you mind if I based some discussions around this collection?

Is anyone using them to study English, and what do you think of them?

I would like search the podcast you mentioned, Helen.
Where can I find them?

Hi Irene, the podcast is in the English Library. Look here:

Hi Helen, I got the allowance of the owner and I imported the content. I like the British accent. There is no problem, if you want to use it. If you offer a time, that suit for me, I would like to have a course on the topics of “Listen to English” because I want to try out a course. For me the podcast is very understandable. And the podcast offers interesting topics. Level is a good Beginner 2 or Intermediate 1, I think. My Partner, who is a beginner in English study also this podcast and he likes it too.

Thanks Vera, now I found it. Only, do I have to install this mentioned player for the sound?

Irene, I managed to download the mp3. I right-clicked…or maybe left-clicked…anyway it worked.

Vera you are a star! I will work on a course based on this content.

What days and times could you make for a course? My family are letting me do 8pm - 9pm GMT weekdays if I don’t work weekends!

Monday or Tuesday evening will be fine. Isn’t 8pm the time we talked each monday? This time would be nice.