New Chinese content and courses

Thank you! This is most helpful indeed :slight_smile:

Nice work! Chinese beginners will benefit from your lessons a lot!

Thanks Hape.

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Are these dialogues not out of the Beijing Daxue publisher’s series. Think I can recognise the voices/style :slight_smile:

Then that fits. I think Hanban is related to Beijing Daxue. They speak very clear Chinese if a little slow. The quality is indeed very good.

However I do no think it is Northern Accent more like a very standard putong hua.

Hape - I am thinking about putting an episode of 锵锵三人行 as a lesson. I have got the transcript and an mpsan (but have only managed to find one mp3, the rest are only available as videos). Seeing you are doing this for the hanban stuff, I was thinking this might be possible for the TV show which is public anyway. What do you think?

You can find new HSK Speaking tests on the following URL.

(Beginner Level, about 200 words / Intermediate Level about 900 words / Advanced Level about 3,000 words)

Please check up each level.

@hape, No, they are new HSK Speaking tests.
Thank you for sharing HSK level 4 tests. Although I have already passed this level, it will be very interesting for me to listen to them.

Hape - I reckon other people will find them interesting. They are advanced level so perhaps HSK 6 level.

I also have added new tests of the HSK level 5 listening tests:

In the future, I will add new tests of the HSK level 6, too.

I just listened to HSK Preparation, HSK 4 - Long Dialogues 1.
Wow! The speech in that dialog is really slow!
Is that the same speed as on the test?