New changes at LingQ

I have noticed that the changes you mentioned are applied from now on. But, I have no longer access to the perfil tab, why is that?

When I try to open my profile (or any other profile) I get:
Unhandled Exception
An unhandled exception was thrown by the application.

I get the same error on the writing page.

Me too Vera!

Same here!

Mark sent us an email a fex days ago about these changes : Once the changes are made, you will no longer see your Tutor tab. Instead you will access your writing corrections, calendar, conversation reports on the Write and Speak pages. You may initially have to set your tutoring language(s).

Still, there is a problem with the profile tab: unhandled exception…

Thank you Marianne! I didn’t receive that mail, so I didn’t know. I knew that they planned to open tutoring for everyone, but no the details!
I There still the profile tab problem and the import one!!

There are some problems, We are working on them. It worked find on the Quality Assurance server but as always the main server has surprises. Very sorry for the inconvenience.

  • There are also problems in the calendar, it’s not possible to edit it
  • In the conversation list, not all tutors appears – I only see Steve, Allison, Berta, Liszeth, Cecile, and Albert – (Also, I find it better to see tutors only in one language, now tutors of all languages appear on the list. It’s longer to find a discussion in the language we study)
  • No access to the write tab.

I understand, Steve. No big changes come out perfectly right away.
We just let you know :slight_smile:

Not sure if it is an intentional change or not, but I no longer am able to delete links from my vocabulary list. I do only have a free profile so with a 100 link limit I have to learn the words and clear out space for the new which I can no longer do. Is the only solution to upgrade my profile and just get a massive cluttered vocabulary list? Thanks.

The write page does not work.
We cannot import now.
There seem to be a mixture of languages in the available discussions.
We are working on resolving these problems.

Please continue to report problems on the thread called New changes at LingQ.

I don’t know how it’s going to be at the end, because there are still issues, but it looks like there won’t be students assigned to tutors. I mean, you won’t be able to choose a personal tutor as before and therefore, as a tutor, you won’t be able to see the progreess of the students that picked you up as a tutor.
It’s a pity, because I liked this kind of “personalization”. And as a tutor, I also used it as a feedback tool. I mean, if someone picked me as a personal tutor after our first conversation or writing correction, it meant that they liked me or that I convinced them as a tutor. I don’t know, it was cool and I think it’s compatible with the fact that anyone can be a tutor!


The new limit for free users is 100 LingQs.
Free users can delete LingQs but no longer have the batch delete function. Each LingQ needs to be opened and deleted.
You can upgrade or delete.
I do not understand what you mean by cluttered vocabulary list. I have massive vocabulary lists in different languages and a variety of ways of sorting them and viewing them, which I do regularly.


We want to encourage more interaction between our members. We simply had too few people interacting. We expect that many learners will create close contacts between each other, follow each other’s profiles, book onto each other’s discussions, ask specific tutors to correct their writing and so on. I do not think the personal relationships will weaken. If there are things we can do to strengthen them we will.

What will no longer be possible is for the tutor to take writing submissions from a common list. Learners will have to select whom the want to write to, and talk to.

The tutor’s report itself is somewhat meaningless since tutors are in regular contact with their learners, sending reports on discussions and writing and can see their profiles.

I can no longer see the 1 on 1 conversation times I set in the old calendar, so I cannot delete any times if I have to. Is this calendar somewhere else now?

The start page and the Speak page show all my created group conversations, but I don’t see any times for 1 on 1s, except the one for which steve signed up.

I see plenty of 1 on 1s of other tutors though. At the moment I don’t see what I can do if I have to delete previously created 1 on 1s. That’s my most urgent issue.

All existing tutors need to go their Settings page to make sure that their settings are correct, both for the language(s) they offer discussions in and correct writing in.

The Calendar is now accessed from the Speak page, on the right hand side.

Want to be a tutor?
Tutor other members and earn points!

Add/Edit Conversations.

Check there to make sure that the languages in which you are hosting discussions are correct.


Many members are learning more than one language. Some members want to tutor in more then one language. It was not possible to maintain a personal tutor for multiple languages. We have made it easier to follow our schedules in different languages. We had to sacrifice the “personal tutor” feature in appearance. In substance I do not think there will be any change. I notice that many of our members develop relationships as learners and tutors, and these will continue, and hopefully multiply.

It would be great to add an additional field “level” for exported words in csv-file (1/2/3/4)

I doesn’t yet decide how to effectively use the file (hmmmm… may be I should upload it to a smartphone…? =) ), but for me it would be very useful to have an ability to sort out and exclude all known words, or to find all words with a level equals 3.

Thanks for your work!


We appreciate the input. We will continue to improve our functionality. I cannot say what is possible now but welcome all ideas.