New beginner content in Portuguese

I’ve just uploaded a collection with 24 small beginner items to the Portuguese library called “Meu diário”. It is composed of short items (around 1 minute each) telling about daily activities. In fact, some items were already publicized before, but I put new audios, read louder and slower.
Since I had written those items a while ago, and only could put the audios today, they are not appearing in the newly added items list.
Here is the link: Meu diário - LingQ Language Library
I hope you enjoy!

That is great Ana and I will be studying them. I have put them into the Featured area.

I think that any person who speaks another Romance language could start right into these and enjoy them. I would be interested to know if Spanish, French or Italian speakers can use these texts. I will be studying them and saving a lot of phrases since I already know most of the words.

You are welcome, Steve! I’m glad you liked it.

Something odd happened…
I saw the collection in the featured area, and then decided to change its photo. After that, it has gone from the featured area…

There is a bug that removes the “Featured” flag if you make changes in your account. It’s back now.

I have a question.

I am thinking of starting to study Portuguese little by little. So I would like to ask you if there is big difference between Brazilian-Portuguese and European-Portuguese. I live in Spain, the country which shares the border with Portugal, so my purpose is communicating with people in Portugal.

Do you recommend me to study European Portuguese? Or I can start with Brazilian?

in my opinion, Brazilian and European Portuguese are more distinct between them than, for example, English spoken in different countries. But I guess the Portuguese can understand Brazilian Portuguese better than we can understand their speaking. It happens because, since Brazil is much bigger, we export a lot of cultural items to them, including a lot of tv shows, while the opposite is much less common.
I guess that starting with Brazilian Portuguese brings some advantages: we speak at a slower pace and you are more likely to find interesting material to study.


Thank you for your advice. I think I will start with your content.


My view as a learner. I think that it does not matter for a beginner which content you use. I listen to both. I am a beginner and like you I speak Spanish. The main thing is to learn the Portuguese words and phrasing, and while there are some key differences between European and Brazilian, the use of Voce for example, mostly the language is the same. It us useful to be aware of the differences and to understand both. Brazilian Portuguese is easier to understand.

I heartily recommend Ana’s content, which for a Spanish speaker you can jump right into. For people who do not have Spanish (or Italian or French) I would recommend Who is She, at least for a while.

Go for it and maybe we will meet up at one of Ana’s discussions. She is a great tutor.

Hi Steve,

Thank you for your comment. What you say is coherent. You convinced me. I took a look at Ana’s content, and I liked it. It will take long long time until I start to speak Portuguese, but I look forward to meet up you at Ana’s discussion some day.

I might add that as learners we are quite flexible when it comes to accent. If at some time in the future you decide that you want to emulate European Portuguese or Brazilian Portuguese, you can then choose to focus on that kind of content and imitate. It is not a choice that needs to be made now.

It’s true. My Spanish study was started with Latin America Spanish, later on I studied Spanish-Spanish. I didn’t have any problem to change my accent. Or maybe I should say, at that time of the first phase of my study, I didn’t catch any Latin America Spanish accent, rather I spoke Spanish with pure Japanese accent. So as you said, I am convinced that most important thing is building up my vocabulary and getting used to Portuguese sound at this moment.