New Beginner Content - English

Here are 3 new collections in English for beginners:

English 101 (L’Anglais pour les débutants, L’inglés para los principiantes)
(very easy, très facile, muy fácil, sehr einfach, 很容易, من السهل جدا, molto facile, muito fácil) Repetitious, and a limited number of words.

A Dog’s Life (La Vie d’un chien, La vida de un perro)
These are very easy English stories about my dog.

Tips for Learning English (Des Conseils pour apprendre l’anglais, Algunos consejos para aprender el inglés)
7 ideas to help you learn English better.


Deb is a new LingQer, but she is an old pro at creating content for language learners.

Welcome to the forum, Deb.

Thanks, Jingle. :o)

Wow, I just read your bio Chalkbrd. Wonderful. Welcome to LingQ and thanks for the contribution you have already made to our community. We look forward to more.

You will find that we are a sometimes eccentric, sometimes cantankerous, but always stimulating and rewarding group of language keeners from all corners of the world.

Thanks, Steve. I had to retire from traditional teaching because of my health, but I enjoy helping others learn other languages. I’m also glad to have a site like this where I can do more reading in the languages I know.

Excellent lessons. I enjoyed them a lot.

Thanks, Makacenko. I’ll be adding more over the weekend.

It is great to have such excellent new content!

New content, I see, I like