New audio payer

I used to “rewind” a sentence sometimes and practice the listening or the pronounce on it. I can’t do it anymore, because I can’t select the desired point on the audio bar where to play again. Is it a problem connected with my PC or my system (XP+IE7)? or is it a known bug, on the list to solve?

I am having this issue as well (XP + Firefox). Attempting to rewind the audio player appears to make it jump to a random place in the audio bar, but fast forwarding seems to work correctly. As with MonicaC, I used to listen to a particular sentence or phrase several times in a row using the old audio bar, but this no longer seems possible with the new one.

We will take a look at this when we have time. In the meantime, you can download the audio file and do this in your native audio player.

Thanks Mark.
I follow your suggestion, but I do hope it will be fine again.
In the meantime, good luck to survive this period.