New account, but a blue apparently help box seems to have the entire screen disabled

I just created an account and when I go into any videos, a blue box with a help bubble about clicking on words appears, and my entire screen is disabled–I cannot click on anything to reach anywhere or to hide the bubble or to scroll, or to see the text hidden under the “help” bubble. I have tried three entirely different browsers (firefox, chrome, and Edge), and tried clicking F5 and control-F5 in all of them, but the UI seems to be completely broken in exactly this same way in all three. I tried clicking Help, but it doesn’t seem to have anything to offer except pre-canned FAQ answers. I don’t know if I am missing something entirely basic–I tried hitting lots of different keys on the keyboard, and tried clicking all over the screen, but everything appears to be dead. And in all browsers. So as far as I can tell at the moment, I am entirely stuck.

Sorry to hear that. Can you please reach us at support(at) and we will look into it for you?

this edit boxThere is something wrong with the javascript on this sitein
keeps pushing teh cursor to the beginnng of the box if I click at the end of the line and press spaceIt

Also, in case this is helpful–this is a copy of the information I sent in to the support email yesterday:

I even tried using F-12 (developer tools) thinking I could use the object browser & debugger to try to delete the blue box, to get the interface to work, but the blue box and the apparently gray cover that appears to be breaking the entire interface both disappear as soon as I bring up the F-12 developers tools–as does all the text. So then nothing is visible to fix or to use.

I’m sorry, I should have explained further, I’ve just realized.

After I entered F12 (developer tools) in hopes of trying to to delete the blue box that appears to be breaking the interface, not only did the blue box and the gray overlay vanish, but so did all the actual lesson text as well, so I couldn’t just stay in F12 mode and try to do the lesson there–because no lesson was appearing at the point.

As soon as I exited F12, the lesson reappeared, but so did the gray cover and the blue box, and again all keys and controls appeared to be broken/disabled, so I still didn’t see any way to proceed.

I tried exiting and entering F12 (developer mode) several times, but always with this same result.

(Typed up offline and pasted in because there seems to be something wrong with the javascript in this textbox here that randomly resets the cursor to the beginning of the line.)

I have tried to pass along all the technical data I have to you via posting here and via the support email.

To be clear, I have tried multiple web browsers and multiple computers, and it appears to my untutored eye to be broken in all situations–unless I’m missing something.

After the support person asked me to email my username and password in plaintext across the internet, I was too confused by that approach, and decided to simply try to figure something out myself.

I finally got it to work by using an incognito browser with security turned low–apparently a lot of cross-site permissions have to be granted. So I’ll be careful to dedicate only one low-security browser to this site.

I got it so it can play and pause the audio, and show translations and advance in lessons, which is sufficient for me for now.