Netflix not importing whole episodes

I find documentaries to have the most accurate subtitles. Being a massive WWII nerd I imported Netflix’s Hitler’s circle of evil. However only about 18 minutes of the episode subtitles imported. Is there a limit?
I’ve rebooted my computer, tried different episodes, tried fast forwarding to another part of the episode. I tried Firefox but the extension just stays on “Loading”

Do you have problem with one specific video only? Or does it happen with anything you try to import? Sounds like there’s a problem with a subtitles file on that video.

this is happening to all my imports. They only import about 1/4 of what it should no matter what the episode. Not entirely sure how there could be a problem with subtitles

I imported some larger texts and I found that it automatically separated it into smaller and more manageable files. I’m not sure whether your copy of LingQ will do this, but it’s worth checking your Quick Imports to see if there are multiple parts.

@RunODBC If it’s a longer video, it should be split automatically into multiple parts. Lesson at LingQ can have maximum of 2000 words, so if subtitles have more words than that, you will get several lessons for one imported video. Is that not what’s happening on your end? Do you get part 1 only?

Will this also include the audio?

No, for Netflix you only get the subtitles, not the audio.