Negative statistics

When I ever use the new LingQ format on my Chrome browser, I get negative statistics. If I click it while I’m in the lesson, it subtracts words read and times listened. However, whenever I’m in classic mode and just click it to add to my statistics, it adds it.

Sorry about that Dimethylamine! We are already familiar with that issue. Our developers worked on it and fix will be soon on production. After that listening/reading counters will be updated properly.

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Me too! Safari was displaying Korean weirdly so I fired up Chrome today and got -1.23 hours of listening in. (Apparently the knowledge was flowing out of my head today, not an uncommon state.) Should I just ignore that and let it fix itself, or manually add in some time? Like double that amount, so it’s positive?

I only ask because we’re approaching the end of the 90-day challenge and I’m trying to catch up on my listening. Otherwise I wouldn’t much care.

This issue should be fixed now and your reading/listening counters updated properly. Thanks for your patience!

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