Need to be able to adjust our targets

I love the LingQ targets, but I notice a lot of people don’t seem to pay any attention to them, which seems a shame. Possibly this is because many LingQers work simultaneously on several languages, at different rates. May I suggest that we be encouraged to specify, for each language we are working on, not only our estimated current level but also the number of hours a week, on average, we plan to work on each one. eg 0 - 5, 5 - 10, 10-15, 15 - 20, over 20. Then adjust the daily, weekly targets accordingly. That would make it easier for our tutors to say to us “I notice you aren’t meeting your writing targets for Russian, why not?”

I am not particularly motivated by targets (although I like seeing the LingQ targets getting filled, but that is more in retrospect, not anticipation.)

While your suggestion might be extremely off-putting for some of us, others will love the idea to ‘have to set goals’ and to be encouraged by their tutors.

The thing is, almost every week I get someone ask me why, in my opinion, they aren’t making the progress they would like to in their target language. Looking at their progress bars, you can generally get a very quick picture of what they are and aren’t doing. Then you have to explain gently that there is a correlation between what you do to learn a language and what progress you make in the language. I found learning Russian got a lot easier when I accepted “turn the white bars blue and keep them blue” as a main study goal.

I never do manual changes and I see that only first three bars go automatically.
My Hours of Listening/ Speaking always show 0 although I listen a lot and have conversations regularly.
I don’t know what those figures right at the bars mean and I’m not tending to spend time and effort to do any changes manual. But it’s only my view; sure the other people see it differently.

The numbers to the right of the bar are the targets suggested by LingQ for the Level at which you placed yourself.

I know my statistics as to reading and listening are way out, but occasionally I manually add the time I actually spent on those activities. I like seeing the bars move.