Need Points Deducted

I figured that in order to refund someone their points, one should send a blank report with “this member did not attend” checked.

But that gave me 350 points. So if you could remove those, that’d be great.

I do not really see on the FAQ how I am supposed to actually go about this either.

Okay that was a little cryptic.

Someone didn’t attend. I sent a blank report with “member did not attend” checked because I figured that was what one did. But I got my points for hosting the conversation anyway.

You can delete a conversation instead of sending a blanc report. Then people get their points back. Click on the conversation. Then under your picture you find the button to delete this conversation.

Sadly it doesn’t appear that I can do that anymore since I already sent the blank report.

As Vera says, there is a button to cancel the conversation. The “Member did not attend” function is so that tutors who are there at the appointed time (therefore taking time out of their schedule) are still compensated even if the student didn’t appear. It’s up to each tutor how they prefer to do this.

Would you still like to refund their points?

Sorry, that was me in disguise.

Yeah if you can. The user is Benno72.

Next time I will simply delete the conversation.

OK, I’ve now processed the refund. Let us know if there’s anything else you need.