Need option to review vocabulary from collection

Hi. I recently imported a whole collection which contains from lessons with essays. I created links to important expressions. I noticed that there is no option that allows to review vocabulary from entire collection. So, to go through all vocabulary from the collection I have to choose a lesson by lesson from the collection. As you understand it’s not convenient at all. I would appreciate if you guys altered this system in a way that allows to do that. Thank you

In the Vocabulary section you can review your most recently created LingQs. Just select the sort by “Creation Date” feature. You can also search by Lesson. Be careful to select which status you want to see. You may not want to review your status 4 words, for example.

This should enable you to review the LingQs that you just created for the collection.

We have no plans to institute a word search by Collection.

Ok. Thank you for the response.