Need more tutors

I would like to aks all people who have indicated in their settings that they would like to tutor conversations, that they schedule at least one hour a week of conversations.
Even though it might seem at first that their is no interest (one might need to wait for several months before a student schedules a conversation), it will possibly invite to more conversations.
For the LingQ staff: you might consider prompting people once a month to schedule conversations when they have indicated this in their setting. Just like this is done with the avatar.

I think it is important to have more proposed conversations, so that potential students can more easily book conversations. It is a big obstacle to press the ‘Request conversation’ button in my opinion.
Also it would be good for the students to be able to at least initially, talk with a range of tutors, so they can choose the tutor which is most suitable for their situation.
For the LingQ staff: it would be useful if the students can send back a comment after they received their report in which they can give their feedback about the conversation to the tutor. The tutor can than more easily adapt the conversation and the report the next time.

Besides this, it might be helpful if the tutors and students start discussing a bit about their experiences of the conversations: what do they like, what are they looking for, what are the things they do not like in conversations.

I think having more scheduled conversations is VERY important, in some of the languages there is NOBODY proposing conversations, where it would be helpful if at least 5 people would be doing so. May be LingQ should should try to get more members in the foreign countries by launching some promotional offer. If every european of asian country gets a hundred or so more members, some members might be getting more active.

Thank you for the suggestions; they are most appreciated. We’ll spend some time seeing what we can do to encourage more tutors to post conversations.

“May be LingQ should should try to get more members in the foreign countries”

Among others, Portugal… :stuck_out_tongue:

Or Israel, as another example. Surely there are others too. (Turkey and Poland are two others which come to mind right now.)

I think that we need to look at the Lithuanian community here. It’s quite impressive in comparison to many other language groups (especially for such a small language!). Translation of the site and the creation of video series giving people a good idea of how things work would be good. Certainly we’re in need of an updated manual too. Alex, Mark and Steve - I think there is a LingQ-Wiki needed for those who wish to work on these sorts of things. Sort of like a tutor and translator forum where people can discuss these sorts of things. (Translating videos - for languages which Steve doesn’t speak, intro videos, the site, etc.) It needn’t be very pretty either because it wouldn’t be outward facing.

More members overall, means more tutors.

Lithuanian is largely thanks to Gintaras, who’s been working hard the past couple of years at driving traffic to LingQ. :slight_smile:

Ah, had no idea that it existed Alex! Cheers for pointing that out.

I just scheduled some conversation times after a long time of absence… :wink:

Anyway, I’m open for other times as well.