Need more material for my age

I would like more material suitable for my age I am13 years old and would like to learn more languages.

That is great James. It would help us a lot if you told us which language you want to study and what you are interested in.

English,French,Spanish,Portuguese,Italian,German, and Chinese. thank you for your help.

Hi James, In the German library there is the collection “Detektei Suni & Partner”. These collection contains audio plays for children at your age. But the are at intermediate level, and I don’t know, what your level is.

I can pronounce the German words even if I do not no what they mean.

and yes he is my son he likes to learn languages also.

Hi james_norville,

you can have any material from internet using function “Import”

Hi James, what is your level? How many words do you really know? This is not a question of your age. It is a question of the years that you have learned a language. Are you Beginner 1, Beginner 2, or Intermediate? This is important to know. If you write short articles in English at your level, I can translate and record them in German. It is difficult to find easy material without copyright. That is the main problem.

Beginner 1 about a half year in German.

I have no idea, where I can get material especially for teenagers and especially for your level. There are surely books for the school but they are under copyright.

I can offer you, that I translate and record articles if you send me articles in English at that level that you want to have in German.

We have to be realistic. It is not possible to develop material for the specific interests of each on of our learners.

I am, however, interested to know what kind of content, regardless of language, is of interest to a 13 year old. If that helps some of our content providers find or produce content, that would be great. So, to build up more content for teenagers, I would like to hear from James, just what it is that interests him.

We have quite a range of content, in a variety of languages, including fables, detective stories, and articles on travel, food and geography. I would think that some of that content would be of interest to a 13 year old, but we can always create more. So, James, tell us what interests you.