Need for more English tutors?

Hi, guys,
I’ve been avoiding to complain, but - again! - I simply can’t find conversations in times suitable for me… (9 or 10 pm, gmt-2)
The last two months I’ve been watching my points accumulating in my account without any chance to use them. I even tried to subscribe to an event in one of the available times, but since it was during my work day, I simply forgot it and lost my points.
I’m aware our English tutors do their best to make a lot of times available, but maybe you need to find more tutors, preferably in different time zones. I don’t know… It’s very frustrating, because I would like to organize my studies knowing the day and time that I’m going to have an event every week. On the contrary, what is happening right now is that every night I need to navigate the speak session “hunting” for some speaking session that I could attend. It’s annoying and counterproductive…
Also, this leds me to think why to keep a plus account if I can’t find opportunities to use my points…


I am traveling now but will be back home on the 22nd. I hope other tutors will step up and fill in some more time slots. Meanwhile I will look forward to talking to you on my return.

Once we finally complete the installation of our new version we intend to introduce more tutors. Please wait a little longer!

That’s way too late for me I’m afraid Ana! How about the weekends, can you manage an earlier time then? I can do Saturday and Sunday mornings and evenings, GMT, so that’s, erm, early mornings and early evenings for you.

it will be nice to talk to you again, for sure! This is also good news to know that you do intend to have more tutors. We really need them!
the weekends are less organized around here, so I don’t have too much control on which times I will be free…
Sometimes I have a slot and study a little bit, but then there are no events at that time… The other day I subscribed to an event with Steve on a Saturday afternoon and then something unexpected happened and I couldn’t attend to it.
Anyway, I appreciate your concerns. Well, I got a little angry after weeks of frustrations, but I’m afraid I’m kind of sttuborn, so I’ll keep trying now and then, at least for a while… :wink:

By the way, Allison kindly created some events at my preferred times…

Excellent! Because if I stayed up that late, I’m afraid I’d just be talking total rubbish :wink:

It could be a good hearing exercise… trying to understand “rubbish English”…