Need a "submit writing" bookmarklet

It shouldn’t be too big a job, should it? Just a way of taking what I’ve got pasted onto my clipboard and dumping it into the “submit writing” page?

It would make it slightly easier for me to get Evgueny’s comments on my Russian book reviews on Goodreads.

It’s something we’ve had on the backburner for a long time but is definitely something we want to incorporate at some point. We’ll see when we can squeeze it in.

And another thing…

What I’m submitting to Evgueny for corrections are reviews of books I’ve read in Russian. I keep track of these books, and upload the book reviews, onto Goodreads. It would be handy to have a way to flag up on LingQ that I’ve just read another book in Russian. It would help to reinforce the idea that, once you’re at a certain levels, reading a lot in your target language is important.

It’s an interesting idea Helen. We could add a way to post additional activities. If you do something language learning related, you could add a short message about it in your activity list. These outside activities would then show in the site activity feeds and on your own profile page. What do others think? Is there interest in being able to post outside activities in your activity feed?