Nearly sent myself a writing correction!

I was writing a forum post in Russian and decided to sumit it for correction. For some reason I had flipped out of my Russian pages into my English ones, so I only was given the choice of English tutors to correct my post. I considered briefly picking myself, then decided not to be silly, and went back to the last page. Now I found that my forum post had already been published, which meant it was no longer so easy to submit it for correction.

This reminded me of a grumble I’ve been meaning to have: why don’t all pop-up boxes on LingQ have a quit option? It’s easy to get into a situation that you didn’t mean to get into, but not at all obvious how to quit out of them. In particular the new “import a list of words from a csv” pop-up box has no quit option. Once I realised I had no word lists in csv form on my computer I had to close down the page just to quit.

Helen, it would be nice to be able to choose your writing language after clicking post and submit. I will add that to the wish list. We will also add a close link to the import csv popup. Just let me know when you find popups missing close links.