Natives who type in a romanised way

I have some friends who speak arabic and georgian. I look at their posts and sometimes they don’t use their language’s alphabet. I don’t know why. Sorry if this isn’t a good question. Is there any reason for this? I’m just curious.

I guess that often computers / keyboards are not always set-up with the correct alphabet/ front/ writing system. And since many people know the latin-roman alphabet, they can transpose their language into it.

You could always ask them ?


This is fairly simple, but it takes some explaining. For the computer to display (or accept from the keyboard) characters in a certain language, it must be told which set of characters to use-- Arabic, Georgian, Cyrillic, etc. This is done by setting a “code page,” the particular set of characters desired. Now, ALL code pages have the Latin alphabet (what we use in English), and its characters are always in the same place in a code page, so EVERY computer will be able to display them or accept them correctly from the keyboard.

For Georgian and Arabic the computer must be set to use the language’s (or alphabet’s) specific code page, or a Unicode code page, which covers just about all languages. Many computers do not have these code pages available (or at least set), so what is supposed to look like Georgian or Arabic will look like gibberish. Arabic has the further problem that it is read from right to left.

Consequently, it at times is probably less bother just to use our Latin characters.

[corrected phrase to “right to left”]