Native Polish speaker looking for a native speaker of German and Spanish

Hi there. I’m looking for a native speaker of German and Spanish who wants to learn Polish. In exchange you’d teach me your language. I speak both languages on an A1 level (yeah, not impressive), but I understand Spanish on an A2-B1 level, due to huge exposure to it that I’ve had in my life. I really dislike learning grammar so I thought the best would be to start writing to someone and have my text corrected.

It doesn’t matter how good is your Polish. If we don’t understand each other, we can just ask for a clarification in English.

I’m aware that there are many non-natives with a great grasp of the language, but they’re still non-natives. I can’t be sure I won’t be taught incorrect language here and there. So I’m asking only for native speakers to write here. It doesn’t matter which variety you speak, you just have to be a native speaker. That’s all.

The thing is, as my profile says we won’t be having any voice conversations. It’s not that much of a problem though, as writing is of the same value as speaking. The way I’d like these exchanges to go is via e-mail. One long message per day, or every couple of days. I’m quite impatient so on my side you can expect a rather fast response.

I’m asking for no mercy in correction. Point out every mistake I make, I’ll do the same. After all it’s not about stroking our egos, but learning.

First person (counts for both languages separately) to write here “wins” the exchange. The reason for that is that as everyone, I have a limited amount of time in day, and no motivation to study more than, say, one hour per day - that’s not counting English. I’m listening and reading in English at least one to four hours every day.

I can help you with the Spanish (I passed the DELE level C1 last November) if you help me with the Polish.
Let me know! I am looking for any help speaking available.
Conversations are a must for me!

Have you tried hiring a tutor for the “corrections”?

This Mengler guy sounds legit…

Silly scammers! You and your black ant viagra won’t trick me ever again!

Hey, Dave, nothing wrong with giving info about languages not available on LingQ…
Anyone with a Skype name like “[name] loves Jesus” probably isn’t a scammer:)~ Maybe just a bit too ‘out there’, lol.

Thanks Julz, I think.
Its just that its really difficult to find someone good enough with grammar and context to “correct” someones written documents and the tutors are super cheap.
I used this site when I studied for the DELE C1 and B1.
Its sort of a disappointment that Peter19 isn’t available to “chat”. Looks like more lame learning from the Swan book… :frowning:


Such an over the top skype name is why I assumed he was a scammer. I would not be surprised by an internet scammer using a name like that to lure overzealous evangelical Americans.

Other notes:

He posts a link to a site offering Spanish tutoring on a site that offers Spanish tutoring.

He posts a reply to a user who has deleted his account.

I am sorry if I am mistaken.


The brackets around peter19’s name indicate that he has deleted his account, so don’t expect a reply from him.

much ado about nothing

@dave - okay, I understand, but…not all us Christians are over-hyped/overzealous types (and definitely not American) :)~ “Julie loves Jesus”, too - but I don’t think I’ll be getting t-shirts made up, or my coffee cup printed with that any time soon:~

[edit] hmm, “sychophant” on my coffee cup would do nicely (Clugston knows what I mean)