Native Language

Dear sir,

Would like to inform that in your list of native languages you have a large list and a lot of languages I don’t know.
Sadden my native language “Luxembourgish” isn’t present. Would it be possible to add it?


I think it might be possible to add it if multiple people were to commit to adding content in the language so that other people could learn it – and if there was a desire on the part of many LingQ members to learn Luxembourgish. Without any content in the language or anyone who wants to learn the language even if content existed, it might not be practical to spend time on adding it to the site.

The list of native languages is, I believe, not something we made up, but a list we obtained somewhere. There are many languages in the world, no list will be complete. Sorry.

A while ago Maltese was not on the language list, so I let you guys know about it and now it has been on the list for some time. So I guess it is possible to add Luxembourgisch as well, especially since it was expressely asked for…

I do recall we added a couple of other languages some months ago, and I remember that we also added “Other” to cover for any languages that weren’t on the list. Again, it sounds like a simple task, but it actually takes some time and can serve as a distraction for our developers who are hard at work on other tasks. We can’t do everything just because someone asks for it, but we do our best to accommodate users when there is a good amount of demand for something.

@rcloos - I might recommend adding something to your bio about the fact that you speak Luxembourgish in case anyone who sees your profile is interested!

Ok, Alex. I understand that adding a language whenever someone ask for one is time-demanding and distracting. However, Luxembourgish is the official language of a country and it is spoken by several people, and the language list includes languages that are just dialects spoken by very few people, like Lombard or Limburgish. So maybe you could add new languages every now and then (rather than whenever someone asks for one), especially if they are official languages.

Thanks for your understanding. The list isn’t one that we put together ourselves, but rather comes as predetermined list with the software platform that the site is built upon.

Yes, I know that.

I think that listing “Other” between Oromo and Pahari-Potwari doesn’t make it visible at all. I hope you will add more missing languages from time to time. :slight_smile: