Native language shows up in progress snapshot

I had a quick look at the Swedish content, selected a lesson, and now Swedish is one of the languages I’m “learning”. It would be a nice feature if it wasn’t added. In the previous LingQ version we could delete lessons in the native language to make it disappear from the profile, but not now.

How about something like “IF lesson= nativelanguage THEN donotadd”, or shall I just try to ignore that it’s there?

I don’t see Swedish in your profile. Languages show up in your profile if you have an activity score or known words greater than 0.

It is not shown to the left, i.e. my profile Info (under “Learning (known words)”), but rather in the progress snapshot. For the record, I can see English as one of skyblueteapot’s languages, German as one of Vera’s, and English as one of your’s (all in the progress snapshot).

But I can live with that, I just thought it was a bug or something.