Native Chinese speakers?

I’ve recently been thinking about upgrading my account, so I can start writing more in the languages I’m learning, one of which is Chinese. I noticed in the speaking section, the only person available for conversation is Steve. I was wondering if the same is true for correcting writing. I know Steve is a great Chinese speaker, but of course not a native speaker. So I was wondering if I submit some writing in Chinese, who will likely look at it? Thank you for your help.

I have almost the same proble, too. If I click “Submit” on the writing section, no one appears there, so I can not submit my writing. I think that no Chinese tutor notice this update, no one has updated yet tutor section so there is nobody now.

Sorry, proble–>>problem

Tutors have to change their profile. The latest update is the reason for this issue. Each tutor has to change the settings on his own. As long as the tutor didn’t changed his settings you are not able to submit writings. I recommend to write a short note on the Wall of the tutor and ask him for changing his settings. Maybe the tutor didn’t take notice of the changes.

robg / dilleme, I have been with Lingq for well over a year now. My focus was and still is on Russian but as of last week decided to begin my Chinese language adventure. I was very hesitant to begin this for the very reasons you both give. I do not make use of the Lingq highlighting / word saving features in Lingq, as I have other methods that are more convenient for me. I do know this, that there are people in Skype that are very interested to know and learn YOUR language. I have found great success finding people that are willing to help with speaking/writing/listening skills in exchange for your helping them in your language. And…YAHOO !!! I do not pay a dime for this help!!! It is a mutual language exchange and it helps immensely! I

I was a little discouraged to begin Chinese because of the lack of PinYin, Chinese input, etc. I have put Chinese off for almost a year. I am an absolute beginner but am confident that I am able to reach the same level of proficiency in Chinese as Russian. Through the available audio material, my new Chinese language program and the help of fellow Skype members. If you have difficulty finding people to help, write to me and let me know. I can point you to a couple sites to gain new friends to help you in your writing/speaking/listening skills. Good luck


We are hoping to encourage more of our Chinese speaking members to come forward and offer discussions. One of the problems has been that when people offer discussions there are no takers,and so people give up. We hope to encourage more people to offer more times and thereby solve the supply and demand vicious cycle.

As Vera says, there are some Chinese speakers, like Wolf in Beijing, who does a lot of the Chinese corrections, who have not yet adjusted their settings.

Yes, timroof, There are many Internet services offering language exchange opportunities. Each one of these opportunities has its plus and minus. We hope to build LingQ into a valuable learning experience and mutual learning community that will appeal to many, but there will always be people who prefer other services or learning approaches. There are also many people who use a variety of approaches and services. There will be more and more opportunities in the Internet age.

Lest you think I am diverting people to other language sites, I assure you this is not the case. In fact, when talking with people about language acquistion, Lingq is always recommended by me. While I agree their are other language sites that do have some more attractive features, yet I still think Lingq has the best approach. I know that you are continually working on developing and improving this site. I, and all other members are do appreciate this. I have never balked at the price for your service. I am always more than happy to pay month by month, even if I don’t use some of the specific resources on this site. Even though I don’t have a problem paying for tutoring services, it is just a personal preference of mine to have a mutual language exchange with another person wanting to learn my native language. In addition, I know that it is a good way for some people to earn a little extra money by tutoring.

I just want to say that I appreciate you, Mark and all the others that have built this site into the valuable resource that it is. Keep up the great work!

Steve and Vera,

Thank you for your reply. So, it seems that if I submit writing in Chinese, there are people available to correct it. If so, then I’m going to think a little more about upgrading before deciding.


Thank you for the idea, but actually, as my day job is teaching English, I’m not really interested in doing a language exchange using skype in half English. I’m sure it’s a good idea for other people though. Especially if you do it through Lingq, you can earn some points as well ^-^