My web site


I’ve recently created a web site. It’s addressed to my students (10 to 13 year olds) and focuses on English culture and teen and pre-teen interests.

Could you, please, help me with ideas? What should the forum be about, for example? And the blog?

I thank you in advance for your kind help.

sports and video games are always popular topics among preteen boys. I have no idea what preteen girls think about though, I’m pretty sure many of them also think about sports and video games. Many 13 year olds are also thinking about where they are going to get a summer job, as 14 is the age in America in which a child can get a summer job. When I was 13 my life was pretty much filled with junior football (the American version), wrestling, Boy Scouts, video games, riding bikes with friends, wondering when I would find a girlfriend, and worrying about what high school was going to be like. By English culture do you mean specifically British culture or culture from the English speaking world?

I mean culture from the English speaking world, not necessarily British.
Thanks for the advice.

I don’t know whether I can type the address of my web site here, so I will sent it to you via Skype, just to be on the safe side.