My video of the meeting I had with Steve (he appear in the video)!

Hi everyone!

As most of you probably know, Steve has been around Europe. I had the opportunity to make an arrangement and meet him, with his wife Carmen and Albert.

I recorded a video in English talking about the experience. In the middle of the video there is a short conversation we had I and Steve :slight_smile:

In the second part I talk a little about LingQ for people don’t know yet (helping to promote LingQ a little :wink: )

You can watch the video at:

The video is also at LingQPlaza


Sorry, the word “appear” should be “appears” in the title.

Hi Oscar, thank you for sharing this video on youtube, I really enjoyed watching it.

Hi Oscar,
Thank you very much for sharing the video. I also really enjoyed watching it. Actually I pushed the thumb up button. The conversation between you and Steve looked very fun. Not only the conversation but also your introduction of LingQ stimulated and encouraged my learning of English more and more.

Hi Oscar,
I have just watched your video. I really enjoyed watching it. Thank you for sharing your video with Steve. You speak English for about ten minutes without paper, it’s a great job, it’s your achievement. And you are a good LingQ promoter!

Hi Oscar! Great job on this video! You spoke very well, sounded very natural, and made very few mistakes. Good job!

Oscar kind of surprised me with this video thing at dinner. I must say that we had a great meal, and I just love the great spirit of cooperation that pervades our community and that was very much in evidence at our evening with Albert.