My ultimate goal - four language book

I have been learning German for over a year and a half now and I decided that I should start picking up the pace a little, I talked to my German teacher at school and I asked her what the best way would be to motivate myself to learn 4 languages at once (they are all at different levels) and she set me a challenge, to write a 200 page book, 50 pages in each language, my languages are German (intermediate), Spanish (beginner but quite a confident beginner), Chinese (very low beginner) and Czech (no knowledge), I figured that I need the same level in the other three as my German to do it, so I started my task, I have already wrote a few pages of the German one after some extensive planning and I decided that I would write about how I learnt those languages in each section, if I work on it for 15-60 minutes a day then I figured that in 2 weeks the German section will be done, then it will probably take me a month or two to do the Spanish section, by this time I hope that my Czech level will be a little better and I will be able to get through those 50 pages in under 3 months (with the help of a dictionary) and then finally I will start Chinese which will probably take around 6-12 months because I want to use the dictionary as little as possible, so I want to get to an intermediate level in them all before I start their section of the book, by the time I finish each section I hope that the next language will be ready, I know that I can do the Spanish and Czech sections as in 6 months time they will both be at a high beginner level, then its just Chinese which will take a lot longer, does anyone have any tips on how exactly how I can learn Chinese at a decent pace, at least 25 characters a day??? thank you for all of your help

Harry, that’s an amazing goal. I doubt I would ever be able to write a 200-page book to train my language skills… Good luck with it!

wow :)) I am not an expert for learning languages just like some people here :slight_smile: I learn only two languages at once…I studied both languages before LingQ. I did not start any language from scratch at LingQ…but…isn’t it so much languages at once? :slight_smile: I am looking forward to reading opinions of language experts :slight_smile: I love being in company of language experts :slight_smile: I am encouraged more and more :)) Hopefully I will start to study a new language soon :slight_smile: …but firstly I want to be confident in my German :slight_smile:

As for the Czech book, I will help you :slight_smile:

That’s awesome! I used to learn about 25 characters a day (well, Japanese, but… same thing) until I got bored of it… but I don’t know, I just, you know, did it. xD No special techniques. Write it a few times, review regularly… Well I have a pretty good memory but I assume you do too, with goals like that… very ambitious, good luck! :smiley:

08nessh, try “Remembering simplified Hanzi” by J.Heisig, he recommends to learn 20-25 characters a day. I manage 10-15 but obviously more is possible with this book. By the way I have it as a .pdf file and can email you if you like.

That would be great, please do Junair, thank you so much

Hi, dear 08nessh, I’m a chinese. May be i can help you for the chinese leaning if don’t mind my pool English:D