My transcript's been spoiled with incomplete text splitting tags. Please recover it

My transcript was been randomly inserted with many incomplete text splitting tags when one time I was editing the transcript and clicked on save. Please take a look at the attached image. And please get my transcript back to the latest normal version I was editing. Since the automatic splitting usually has a little shifting, one to two seconds ahead or behind, I always edit the transcript LINE-BY-LINE after the automatic splitting. And I was just finishing the correction of the last sentence in that transcript, and then the disaster happened. I hope you understand that line-by-line editing takes so much time, especially the audio is around 30 minutes long, I cannot accept resplitting the transcript and re-editing it again. This is almost an unacceptable bug. Please recover the transcript back to the lastest normal version I was editing. I’ll appreciate it. Thank you.
---------- the transcript ----------
---------- the end of the transcript ----------

Please send me a link to that lesson on support(at) and I’ll take a look and fix it. Thanks!

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Hi Zoran, here is the link How To! with Charles Duhigg, 20190910 How To Stress Your ... by which I’m not sure it’s the right link for you to get into the lesson. If it’s not the case, please tell me how to get the right one for you. Thank you. Looking forward to your reply.

Thanks. Should be fixed now.


Hi Zoran, it’s been fixed. Thank you for helping on this within such short time. I really appreciate it.