My thoughts after the earthquake

Hey everybody. As you may know, I am an American living in Japan for the past 7 years. I am in Tokyo and all of my friends and I are all right. But we have the possibility to run out of supplies.

I am going to post entries from my blog into LINGQ because I know a lot of my friends are using my blog to study English. Besides how many times do you get to hear the story of a 30 year old staring the sport of cheerleading?

Well my thoughts of what to do after the quake is here:

you can see a few of my pictures here on my blog

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The ‘workdesk’ link won’t work. You have to give us the link which is seen in the library (the one that looks like nnnnnn/buy).

Thanks Shane
this should work:

Thank you, this one works.
Be strong, keep smile on your face… Situation in Japan is really awful…