My thoughts about LingQ

Hi there. I want to share with you about my impression.

Fist of all, the autor is the best Language Lerning motivation person I’ve ever met (2nd is AJ Hoge). Deep respect to you, Steve.

Idea of linking:
Don’t know yet is it helpfull or not. At 1st look it is, but I suppose it would be boring after a couple month with standart text on site. Yes, I can import my own text (book, for example which I read), but I found there is symbols limitation on site, so pity ;( I was so bumed to unable downoad all 1st chapter from my book. Nevertheless, I want to hear some “old” LingQ user about the effectivness of the idea.

I used “Search” and found some English-speaking natieves who studing Russian. Hooray! I added them as friends, added them in Skype… Send them a cuople of words… Silence… Hey, guys, do you really want practice? Are you sure? Is it so scary, just try to mail or skipe with native person wich language you’re learning? Not to mention about speaking with natieve. Don’t know, maybe it’s refering only with pair Russian-English? (I’m sure all want to speak with Steve, but how about last ones?) Practice makes perfect guys, end of story!

Attention to customer questions:
Perfect and in time! Grade A :slight_smile:

It IS the best site for language learning, NO DOUBT!!! But I think, most of student here prefers to communicate via forum, not personally. So pity.
“Every adventure requires a first step. Trite, but true, even here”. (c) Cheshire cat


I got your skype add :)) I’m just not at home in the day, though it says I’m online. I shall be in touch soon, I’m still terrified to speak : /

Hi Lewis :wink: Looking forward to speak (or write) with you, pal.

I’m just about if your (not your personal, I say with everybody) goal ia foreign language - do 1st step, try, do drills etc.
We have perfect words in Russian “Под лежачий камень вода не течет”. It means if you do not try and kinda coach potato, you’ll never achive a result. So, you decide, guys ))