My sun

I have sun.
We live in Moscow , but soon my sun come to home from Military.
Im wait to him , and miss.

Good luck to you and your son when he returns home!

“I have a son. We live in Moscow and soon my son will come home from the military. I wait for him, and miss him.”

  1. ‘Sun’ is the big yellow ball in the sky. ‘Son’ is a male child. Common mistake as they are pronounced the same way.
  2. ‘Son’ is a noun. So ‘I have a son’ instead of ‘I have sun’.
  3. ‘I’m’ is short for ‘I am’. If you want to use ‘I’m’ then you have to conjugate the verb ‘to wait’ correctly. So in this case you can say “I’m waiting for him”. You can also say “I wait for him”.
  4. When you say “I miss” you should always finish off describing who or what you are missing. For example, “I miss my dog”, “I miss my childhood”, “I miss my friend”, or for your sentence, “I miss my son”.

Hope this helps!

Hello Lukecast, How nice that you are so helpful. We generally do not correct each other within the forum, although I am sure Elen_ruslike very much appreciates your comments!

Very often, children are suns for their parents. Children enlight a lot of lives.

Sons on the earth are like the shining sun in the sky for their parents, at least while they are very young.

Lots of parents in Britain say their sons “Come here, sunshine!!” when they want to tell them off…

hello,i want to practice my language and improve my skills but i didn’t find any one helping me?
i am beginner

@Sannet: I’m new. Is there an ettiquette guideline posted somewhere? I am surprised that you advise against corrections in the forum. But, I’m sure there has been debates about this in the past…

There is no etiquette guide. We do not want the forum to become a place where language is corrected, but rather just a place for interaction in the language. On the other hand if people want to be corrected they can ask for it, it is just the unsolicited corrections that are not so welcome. People also have the option of submitting their posts for correction to a tutor.