My Streak?

Hello. I had a 385 day streak in German yesterday, and I completed the 13 LingQ’s needed to keep my streak. Suddenly, as I checked in today, my streak is gone? I should be at day 386, and even though a streak should not mean much, it has for my German learning.

Anyone know what could have happened ?

Sometimes Lingqs statistics considers my usage of Lingq today, as if I had used it tomorrow, for example. Probably it has something to do with timezone.

Hi Oxygen,
Make sure that you have correct time zone selected on the Profile settings page: Login - LingQ

Yes, it has been correct for over a year…

It happened to three streaks of mine, too. At first, LingQ told me I had reached my target, the overview after the lesson said the same, but when I checked again the next day, it claimed I had only 12 new LingQs. Mine were “only” in the 200+ day range (the longest over 250), but still.

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Yea that sucks. I am also pretty dang mad. I like how i have spent $170 on this platform. I tell everyone interested in languages about it. Its a shame.

What made me go made were the reminders about my streaks by mail I started receiving in the past few days. LingQ breaks my streaks and then reminds me to keep them alive? Uh.


Yea, happened to me a few days ago after ~195 days on the streak. I completed enough lingq’s during the day and got the little notification, only to be told the next day that it was only 12. Weird, not enough of a problem to stop using the site, but now I know that 13 is not really 13, I should have went on to 14 or 15 just to be safe, but I was short on time that day.


It has happened to me as well, but honestly I dont think I will ever understand the obsession with just doing the bare minimum to get a meaningless streak number. I mean, at the pace of 13 lingqs a day, sustaining your motivation seems impossible to me.

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Yea I understand. I tell all people who will listen about this site :slight_smile: I use it everyday from 30 minutes to 2 -4 hours. This site is the best. BUT there are issues. Yesterday, I “lost” connection ~8 times while trying to just read and lingq. This means it loses the lingqs i made and I have to go back and add them again. It is really quite annoying. I would also really like my streak back fro German, which should be 387 days today. It is just sad to see members who have paid 170$ get no response, because I really do feel as though I will spend much more…

Well, really I believe most are getting much more than 13 lingqs a day who are working on a streak, it’s just that when you have a busy time you use the “daily goal” as lingq intented, a motivational tool to keep you connected. You are not really using it to make progress.

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Well, I’m doing 4 languages, so it still takes more than enough time and I’ve been learning two of those for well over 10 years already, so it’s not as if I’m a beginner in them. Actually, I find it easier to sustain my motivation that way.

13 lingqs can be done in less than 5 minutes. Its more than nothing ofcourse, but me personally cannot sustain my motivation at that kind of pace

Well, including the vocab review, I usually need some 15 minutes or more per language. But that depends on if you also listen to the audio and how many new words there are per page.

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