My recent two writings were collected by other person I chose as a corrector

My recent two writings were collected by other person I chose as a corrector.

My recent two writings were collected by other person I did not choose as a corrector.

I don’t know who jshayden is. It is very strange. The name was not in the box as a corrector.

The two writings were “Body language” and “tongue-in-cheek,” and they were my posts on the forums. I used the function “Post and Submit for Correction,” and chose two “collectors” from the list in the box.

Is it a system error or not?

Please disregard my first post of this thread.

I chose Jillisa93 as a collector for “Body language”, and …

I found that my writings had been collected by the person who joined LingQ on February 21, 2010. What a reliable system we have!

collector → corrector
collected → corrected

I have not had this problem with my Russian corrections. Has anyone else had the experience of select one person to correct his writing and getting someone else?

On the Writing page there is a link “View corrections list” that leads to the former tutor corrections list, where you can choose either your corrections, or all other writings.

Yes, it is a problem of new tutors taking writing from the public list. We are going to hide that control so that option won’t be available. Sorry for the confusion.

I would like to temporarily take my name off the writing tutor list. But, when I try to save my settings with no language (-------) as a writing language it always reverts to English.

Corrector: Jillisa93

The person who joined LingQ yesterday has corrected three writings, and two of them are mine.

(The above post is a test.)

I was so confused when I was posting the first message of this thread that the sentence of the thread title has several mistakes that I cannot edit. Could it be called a kind of transaction cost?

I also was confused! I submitted my writing to Jillisa93 but someone else corrected my writing. “Someone else” pretty soon corrected my writing and that was so helpful. But I did not choose him or her and he or she didn’t comment about my writing. Tutor should know more about tutoring! They should not correct writing just earn points!

They should not correct writings just to earn points.

I received two “corrected” writings, and there were no comments by the corrector, whom I did not choose. Actually one of them was no correction and no comments.

Are we supposed to pay the 25% of the points even in these cases?

Hi. I submit writings after having 1 on 1 discussions with a tutor. I’d like to have my writings corrected by whom I chose.Although, I feel sad when my essays are untouched for several days.

I’ve heard that anyone can correct essays if the appointed tutor didn’t pick them up after 24 hours. If there are some rules, would-be tutors should know about them.

In my two cases, the picking-up was carried out after 18 minutes and after 57 minutes.