My points

Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to have a really control afterwards, because the Points at the end of the month are no longer to see.

Now I see, that the Points are reduced to 3.2. by 532 because they are expired. OK.
At 23.2. once again a reducing by 500 Points.

Why this, and why to this date???

Any unused points expire after 90 days.

ok - I thought it would go from month to month.

once again the question:

Is the date for expiring exactly after 90 days after credit entry?
I am asking, because the date of getting Points from LingQ for sharing is very different, too.

They expire 90 days after you receive the points on your account, whether they are directly from LingQ or from another member

Thanks, it’s clear now!

Hi Irene, The points expire exactly 90 days after you’ve got them.