My points seem to be frozen

although I’ve learned words and saved LingQs, the last few days my activity points seem to be frozen.
Is is because of the words counting bug?

Mine as well. I’ve spent more time with the flashcards the last days than during the past month, and found it strange that my points didn’t change.

But I’m not obsessive with points.

Neither I am obssessed about them, I was much more notifing than complaining.
I’m much more upset about the absense of the new words percentage, which I hope comes back soon…


Patience is a virtue. You will have the new word percentage this week, as well as a much faster LingQ widget and other improvements. But then I get tired of promising. Our developers are working hard, and then there are problems that arise and we never seem to move as quickly as I would like, but I can assure you that they are doing good work and you will soon see the benefits.

Thank you very much for your active contribution, ideas, notifications and the content you have given us. I only hope I get down to Belo Horizonte one day and meet you.

There was a problem with the Activity Score but it has been resolved now.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience.


I know full well I’m not a very patient person, sorry if I insist too much. Anyway, I’m looking foward to see the new improvements.
And I’ll be very glad to see you in Belo Horizonte! :slight_smile: