My Podcast: Do I Have to Travel to a Foreign Country to Learn a Foreign Language? | *POWERFUL* Story at the End!

The powerful story at the end (it really starts about halfway through the podcast) is about my language motivational partner, Connie Warner. She’s a very serious langauge learner, and she is the one who influenced to use LingQ not just with words, but with her example and serious commitment to learning Portuguese that far exceeded my desire to learn Spanish. LingQ isn’t mentioned in this podcast, but I share stories about Connie that illustrate how much one can learn a foreign language without being in a foreign country.

Here’s the link to my audio podcast: Do I Need to Travel Abroad to Learn a Language? | POWERFUL Story at the End - YouTube

My favorite quotes from your podcast:

Language learning is an inside job.

It’s a skill, not a subject.

I live in a foreign country for more than 2 years. When will I be able to understand everything they speak? :slight_smile:

Connie really believes that, too. The podcast about her Brazil experience should be uploaded sometime on Sunday.

For me, right now, if I was going to spend money on a language “class”, it would be something like, but in Spanish. That way, I can continue to use Spanish as a skill to learn things that I’m interested in, like technology. is an amazing resource to learn a lot of things about technology.

Hello Ress. Especially if you listened to this podcast that features how Connie learned Portuguese, you’ll like part 2 that I should be posting on Sunday about her experience in Brazil.

Your comment brings up a good point that just being in a country doesn’t mean that we’re going to understand everything. I believe with the internet, wherever we are in the world we can create our own immersive environments to learn a langauge. Language learning depends much more on us taking serious initiative to learn than whether or not we’re in a foreign country.