My opinion of v.5.0

So I’ve been using v.5.0 for a few days now and my overall impression is a good one. It’s running a lot slower than the previous version, download and streaming times are a lot longer and some of the buttons, such as the play button, don’t do anything immediately, even after having downloaded the track, possibly related to the same issue, but I’d expect this due to the lower megabyte size of the app.

Of course any major interface update takes a while to get used to, especially if you’ve been using the previous version for a long time, so it’s important that we bear with the changes, rather than throwing the baby out with the bathwater, as our brains will quickly adapt as needs must. The general interface looks more modern and professional though in my opinion and most likely just as easy to use for new users.

I recall that a lot of existing users were previously expecting the addition of new languages to perhaps coincide with the new version’s release, however I don’t see the relationship between the two events, other than the fact that a small team of developers’ obvious need to prioritise tasks and would rather see the release of complete languages in the future, than to see unfinished work of low quality because of other impatient users.

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Thank you for the feedback (and support). We are working to improve performance as we speak - and also working to release new Beta languages.


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Just don’t rush the beta releases out and take time on the quality, as a lot of the Brazilian Portuguese Mini Stories were of very poor quality and Zoran picked up on the feedback that I made regarding this. I understand that you’re probably under pressure from your consumers, but there are of course things that even premium paying customers need to understand.

My only complaint is with the mobile access forum; for some reason I can’t input text into the text boxes and I’m only able to access the forum from desktop computers. The previous mobile version of the forum allowed me to type text, however I wasn’t able to use predictive text or auto-complete, which one could argue, remedies laziness. However in the current version, I’m unable to type anything using my mobile phone.

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