My number of active assignment appears to be incorrect


My desktop says “your work desk is empty.” but my active assignments list on the left says I have 2.

Do I have assignments in another location or is this some kind of error.


Hi James,

Please see this FAQ from the WorkDesk help page,

Where did my Item go after I clicked “I’m all done”?

When you click the “I’m all done button” this changes the status of this item to Completed. You can find Completed items by selecting Completed from the Status filter on the right side of the WorkDesk content list page. By default this filter only shows you New, Open and Updated Items. You must change it to see the Completed Items.

Perhaps you have the content as “complete” and not “archive” - then you have to go with filter to complete and do they archive.

Thanks Mark and Irene777-

I had not noticed how the “status” drop down list (in the Overview tab) worked. When I chose completed from this list, I saw that I had two assignments with a completed status. I changed these to archived and now I have no active assignments.

Previously I was deleting assignments rather than archiving them. I now see that archiving is a better choice, since that will let me re-activate these assignments at a later time when I want to review them.