My newly added items do not appear as newly added

I just added a bunch of small items to a beginners Portuguese collection of mine called “meu diário”, but they do not appear in the “newly added” list. There are only items from “Café Brasil” there.
What is happening?

The newly added list takes the date the lessons were created and displays the most recent. If you created these lessons a while ago and then published them today, they keep the creation date.

hummm… that’s bad… actually, I wrote these items some months ago, and only now I could do the recordings to share… :frowning:
Well, thanks, for the tip.

Hi ana,
I had the same problem. Now I prepare my new content outside, in word i.e., and bring it first in LingQ when all is done.

You’re right, Irene, I guess I’m going to avoid writing content at LingQ that I don’t intend to publish immediately.
Thanks for the tip.