My mother's death (Смерть матери)

Thank you so much for that, Japanese Learner. You did a nice work. I do appreciate.

Thanks JapanezeLearner for your condolences and for your translation.
Danke schön für Ihr Beleid!

Cher Evgueny,
c’est un bel hommage à votre maman que vous avez écrit. Comme je comprends combien elle va vous manquer. Quel exemple de courage dans les adversités de la vie !
Un grand merci de nous avoir partagé ces souvenirs si personnels. J’y reconnais bien votre style si agréable à lire.
Que la présence de votre maman en votre mémoire vous aide en ce temps de séparation douloureux.

Merci beuacoup, Miss Take.
Je me souviedrai ma mere jusq’a je vivrai.

My sincere condolences Evgueny. It is very beautiful of you to write and remember as a way to convey a part of the great meaning the life of your mother has meant to others. To me, you are also, sharing something about how the Russian soul (душе), life and death are related to each-other, a theme that is a most moving part of the Russian culture and language.

I promised that someone of my English native speaker’s friends would translate this my article about my mother. Now you can read the English version, here is the link to the part one. By reading it, you can press ‘next lesson’ and read the part two.
THE WORLD AROUND US-29. Mother’s Death, part 1

Our memory and our love always keeps with us.

Thank you so much for that. It is much appreciated. I am going to study that straight away.

My condolences to you and your family.

Thanks a lot, johannesverde und supercomputer, for your condolences.
We have to live further and to keep a good memory about our dead relatives and friends.Because untill we die, they continue to live with us and inside us.

Thank you for this lovely memory of your mother Evgeny. I’m half way through reading it - and I’ve listened to it a couple of times. There are plenty of new words in there for me, so progress is not speedy but I am finding it pleasant to work on because I am so interested in the subject matter.

Please accept my sympathy for the loss of this very interesting woman and her incredibly difficult and courageous life and thank you for sharing it with us.

Thanks for your simpathy, Janf.
If something is nor clear enough in my article about my mother, you can check yourself using the English version of the article in the English library here. The Link I I gave above.

Thanks for that translation. Just a couple of small corrections to Line 29: ‘He proposed her mother to become a Muslim. She agreed and so my mother’s husband left her.’ I think it should read ‘He proposed that my mother should become a Muslim. She did not agree and so my mother’s husband left her.’

Also lines 72 and 73: The apartment we got, was on the verge of Semipalatinsk, in the western village. The apartment filled half the house with a little region on the side. [not quite sure about the last 3 sentences, turned out harder to translate than i thought at first…] My mother instantly started to fill that region by planting vegetable- and fruit-trees. In this lies probably her christian origin.

участком is a section, or a plot of land and крестьянин is a peasant or farmer. So I think it should read something like this: ‘The apartment filled half the house, with a little plot of land at the side. My mother instantly started to fill the section by planting vegetable and fruit trees. In this lies, probably, her farming origin.’

A good correction, thank you.
By the way, the translator is also from Australia, from Sydney. Maybe you can somewhen meet him.

Thanks Evgueny. I would love to bump into your translator, but unfortunately I’m from New Zealand - a small and separate country to the East of Australia! Australia is an overseas trip for us. Three hours in a plane - and we need a passport! However, we do speak the same language. :slight_smile:

And Evgueny, would it be possible to post a photograph of your mother when she was young? She seems to have been such a powerful and interesting woman, I’d love to know what she looked like.

But janf, I noticed that you used another translation. I didn’t correct it. The translation of my friend from Sydney which I checked together with him and corrected in two places is here:

Oh, I see… We think that Australia and New Zealand are side by side, but it isn’t.
What about the photos of my mother. I have a lot of her paper photos, but I am not sure I have anything in my computer. But if I find something, I’ll send.

Thanks Evgueny.
Australia is about as far away from us as Moscow is from Finland.

Can you check both links Evgueny? I tried the one you just sent me and got a message saying the page could not be found. I followed the 5705 link you gave in your first message, above, for the translation that I read.

All links in this page are working with me. Use another browser or make clear for it.

Thanks super_computer. Got it sorted now.