My LingQs on lesson page

I have just checked My LingQs in my current Swedish lesson. I notice there are 171 in my pack rather than the expected maximum of 25.

I downgraded some ‘status 4’ words a couple of weeks ago, I think. Would they have been added back to my top 25?

Having to go through 171 flashcards seems a bit daunting. Apart from upgrading the list manually, is there a way of working on the cards in smaller batches?

@ SanneT - The My LingQs list in your current lessons shows you all the LingQs in the lesson that are status 1-3. The only lists that are limited are the Top 25 on the Lessons page and the LingQs of the Day which can be controlled on the Settings page. If you only want to review a portion of your LingQs from a particular lesson, you should click the pencil beside My LingQs which takes you to the Vocabulary page with that lesson’s LingQs showing. You can then filter or deselect terms from that list to create a subset to flashcard.

Thank you! It is great to have the edit function for that list.

Please, answer my question!!!
Why does the window with the translation of the unknown word appear at the top left conner of my screen. And when I go down through the page it becomes invisible for me … don’t know maybe all the matter in settings of my computer…It’s very inconvenient (
Thank you for a quick answer.

I would love to be able to give you an answer, but I have no idea what’s going on. Perhaps someone else can help?

@anastasia25 - What browser are you using? It sounds like a strange problem.