My lingqed word's explanation has been deleted

When I chose a lingqed word “crues” (which is 4-Known and is not yellow highlighted word) , suddenly all the information had been deleted. Maybe it seems that there are some problems. Personally, I don’t want to delete lingqed words any more.
Now I discovered the following issue.
The more I choose the same “4-Known” word, the more New Words are displayed.
Could you check it up, please?

The more I choose the same “4-Known” word with a mouse, the more the number of New Words increases.

Now I lingqed as follws. (But I totally lost the previous information about this word.)

Hint: (河川・湖などの)増水(⇔ decrue減水)
Phrase: les pluies torrentielles ont engendré des crues qui ont submergé une exploitation agricole dans la province de Pyongan-pukdo,

Of course, I will try not to choose a lingqed “4-Known” word if it occurs every time, but I would like to change the system such as " we can delete lingqed words by clicking the button “delete”.

I put my cursor on several underlined Status 4 word. All the information was there. Nothing changed.

Each time I delete a status 4 word, my New word count is reduced by one,(which is probably not right) and the the underlining does not disappear. However, once I refresh the page, the underlining disappears, and the New Word count is back to where it was. This does not seem to me to be a major problem. We will look into as we are reviewing a number of the minor irregularities in our word count system.

I do not know if I have fully understood your problem, or if your situation is different from mine. It would be interesting to hear from others.

When I put my cursor on the word “crues” which is status 4 word, I got no information, so I selected this word with my mouse, suddenly all the information had disappeared. Then, I tried to select another status 4 word, and the same thing happened.
Actually, I have some problems on my own computer, first of all I will check it up, too.

Thank you very much for your answer.