My Lingq site/app wish list

First, I want to say that I generally really like the linq site and I think it serves its purpose for me very effectively - which is to help me learn Russian. These are just some things that would make it better for me, without real consideration for how well they would fit the needs of the larger lingq community or how technically feasible they are. So, they may be terrible or infeasible ideas :slight_smile:

  1. 5s/variable speed rewind setting. I never need 10 seconds and I am always waiting for the audio to catch back up to the part I want to hear again. This would be my number one enhancement by far. I am assuming that your player has a fixed rewind length so that it can’t be anything other than 10s without a lot of technical work and/or replaying the player. But, if it could, it sure would be nice to add a 5s button too or allow the user to set the length.
  2. If I set the right side to collapse then I would want it to be collapsed for every new lesson I open. Currently, it is set to open for each new lesson. Given the general font size I have set, the right panel is off the screen and I have to scroll over to the right to find the collapse button for every new lesson. Pretty minor thing but would be nice.
  3. Same thing with auto scroll. I always want it off but I have to select it off for individual lessons.
  4. easier to read font on iphone app (I noted this in an earlier post. Generally, I really love the iphone player and use it constantly).
  5. When I add a lesson to the iphone playlist it would be nice to have the last selected playlist (or last playlist where a lesson was added) be set as default. Currently, it always defaults to the first list I ever created. When someone adds a new lesson to a playlist I would think the most common list they would add it to is the last one they used or added to.
  6. Increased font on the iphone app for the answer to the vocabulary. The word itself is great but the answer is small. I am getting old and my eyesight isn’t what it used to be.
  7. List level vocabulary review. I am creating a new list every week based on my lessons for that given week and I constantly use the vocab player when I have 10 minutes - before a meeting, waiting in line at store, etc. Instead of going to each lesson to review, it would be nice to have a shuffled list level vocab review. This would be more convenient, more fun, and provide a bit more challenge.
  8. For iphone, it would be cool to have the option to hide the vocab word itself and have to solve by just sound. Basically, just have the play button without the word.
  9. There is now a bit of an annoying tag when I copy from lingq and paste into google or yandex that has: See more at: Login - LingQ
  10. Would be nice to set yandex as my set dictionary function when I scroll over words or show both yandex and google. I find yandex vastly superior to google in russian translation. I can set it as default in dictionary lookup but would be nice when I am listening along and just want to roll over the word for a quick lookup.

And, although I am guessing it would be technically difficult, I think it would be a killer feature to have a variable speed player. I think I brought this up awhile ago but I will mention again. I went away from lingq for awhile for listening and mostly used the iphone musictrainer app where I could effectively slow the audio up to 30%. I can’t tell you how many audios seemed nearly impossible for me but opened up and became clear when I simply decreased the audio 10% to 20%. For the most part, I don’t need this feature quite as much because I can mostly hear at native speaking speed if I have read the text first. But, I think I would still use it for complex lessons with lots of new words, more complex sentence structure, super fast audio, etc. As a beginner, this would have been the coolest thing ever for me as the language seemed impossible fast.


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I have a few comments about these wishes

  1. I have a similar experience as you. I always find that the rewind goes back too far. Ten seconds is quite a lot. I only ever use the rewind when I want to listen to a few words over and over and usually these few words only last one or two seconds.

  2. For Russian, the strange fonts are often present. The app does not remove all formatting and so Russian italics are present in some texts and I find them very difficult to read. I would love to see the app remove all formatting just as the website does.

5 and 6) I have no idea what you mean in these points.

  1. This seems to be new and I find it really annoying. I have to delete it every time.

@davidked - Thanks for your feedback! I can’t respond to every point, but we do have some enhancements in the pipeline that should address some of the issues you report above. In addition, we’ll see what we can do about the additional issues you report!

@davidked - By the way, regarding point number 9, what I would actually recommend doing is looking these words up in the dictionary and saving them as LingQs. If you need to click on a word then it probably means you don’t fully know the word, so instead of clicking on the blue word multiple times it would probably be better to just save it as a LingQ. That way you won’t have to look up in the dictionary again, and you’ll be able to review it as a vocabulary item.

Definitely second your first request/wish list-- a rewind with 5 seconds. I have often found 10 second rewind too much (and have frequently simply listened to the audio on i-tunes–which can rewind 5 seconds–while reading along the text). What i like about only rewinding 5 seconds is that i can hear the EXACT part that is giving me trouble (over and over again) without going to far back in the text. This saves me time.