My levels have changed

I wouldn’t personally try to pressure anyone to speak or write before LingQ level 3, unless they want to, because they will be so limited in their output ability.

The main thing that LingQ offers, I think, is that it rewards students for activities that are usually invisible in class settings, ie reading and listening. I have students who really think that if they aren’t interacting with a published textbook, in the presence of a teacher, then they aren’t doing anything useful. To persuade those students to listen to a podcast or read a short story can take months, if I manage it at all.

I like the LingQ statistics because they show you the progress you are making on a daily basis. Even on days when all I’ve managed to do is to listen to a chapter of an audiobook, I can still increase my stats.

Errr where was I going with that? I think I was working round to saying, if you let people evaluate their own skills there is a tendency for them not to recognise the progress they have made, especially in the passive skills. I am impressed every week by the listening comprehension of LingQers who sign up for discussions. Being able to follow a native speaking conversationally is a skill that’s often not even assessed in traditional exams, so learners often underrate their abilities.

And one more thing: Steve, I hope I don’t sound rude or too rebellious when I present my opinions. It is difficult to express your emotions precisely when you use a foreign language and I wouldn’t like to offend anyone by accident. Perhaps I should add an emoticon after every few sentences to show that I generally have a positive attitude towards my interlocutors :slight_smile:

I agree with you Helen in most of what you say. It is entirely up to each learner to decide how much they want to speak or write. As I said, I see that my word power is well ahead of my speaking ability so now I am doing more speaking, but that is my decision. Speaking requires more organization. Listening and reading is easy to do any time.

Customic, I do not understand. You can decide your own level of competence in the language based on how you feel. You can announce it in your profile if you want. How can I be against that? I am not.

The level we show on the Progress Snapshot is the level of your achievements at LingQ, things we can measure. What is the purpose of posting your own feelings about your language competence in the Progress Snapshot?

Thats fine customic. Your English is very natural and I don’t read it as rude. I know what you mean though, sometimes I think I sound rude in a foreign language even though I don’t. :slight_smile:

Customic, spare me the emoticons, I would rather read about your views and opinions!

@customic: if your LingQ forum posts never sound rude or rebellious, you could get marked down for demonstrating limited emotional range.

100 rude and rebellious forum posts will earn your Avatar a bomb.

Perhaps there could be three measurements, one for speaking and writing, another for reading and listening with a third as an average for these two. The average could be your LingQ level. The problem will be that the stats page may look a bit cluttered.

Scrap that idea… it is still putting pressure on the learner to speak. I don’t think speaking and writing should be measured. A test for overall ability will cover that.

I like the idea of putting our personal guesstimate about our level into our Bio and to have the LingQ Level 1,2,3 or whatever displayed under our statistics as it is shown at present - even if it is a bug. We are at LingQ, we are working with the LingQ statistics and within LingQ those statistics are meaningful. What more do we need?

Tell me please: what are criteria of changements of LingQ level? Quantity of known words?
So what quantity of known words do we need to receive a new level?
Thank you

On your profile, switch the time scale of the stats to the last one. (‘all time?’ I think it is in English. (I’m using the site in Dutch)) There it will have the number of known words out of however many you need to jump up a level.

I have opened my profile but unfortunately I can’t see there “the time scale of the stats”. Where is it?
Anyway, would you like to write here the number of known words for Intermediate 1, Intermediate 2, Advanced 1, Advanced 2 levels?
Thank you

It’s a drop down menu right in there with the stats. It usually says ‘the last 7 days’ or something close to it. I don’t know where, but I remember reading the levels in the FAQ. The site seems to be giving me a little trouble right now so I’ll post the links for you when that’s sorted. Maybe it’s somewhere in the avatar help.

There we go, working now. :smiley: Just scroll down to see the numbers. Of course, not all of the beta languages are on there, but they do have their own numbers, so you’ll be able to work them out from that.

Thank you very much, Imyirtseshem!