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I do not understand the My Lessons tab. It seems to show a random number of the courses I have created, and never shows them all. If I refresh the web page, it changes. It is not defaulting to a setting, because if I refresh again, it changes again apparently randomly. I would really like to navigate the content I am creating.

Change the “Sort By” option on My Lessons tab to “Newly Imported” to show a list of your imported courses/lessons only.

I tried that. The results do not consistently show my latest work, nor do they show anywhere near a complete list. I did find that I can get to a list of my courses by doing to Login - LingQ

I can use this as a work around, but it would be better if the navigation in the UI would let me consistently get to the courses I am looking for.

LingQ seems to be a little buggy at least in my few months using the platform. I’m now noticing something similar with my lessons as well. I just imported one, but it is not showing up in My Lessons even though I have them sorted by recently accessed (I saved and opened the lesson when importing). It is showing up in the top right section which shows your previous 4 lessons. I am also missing other lessons that I’ve imported in the past.

I am also now noticing that lessons I have completed are showing and unknown word count again.

Zoran, can you provide any feedback on issues like these or is there an active thread with ongoing issues we can get information on what is being fixed or updated? I’ve been liking the LingQ platform for the most part, it is just a little frustrating with the bugs. Thanks,.

I reported this to our team and we will do our best to have it fixed asap. We are looking into it.
@william.james do you see your imported lesson if you sort by “newly imported”?

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It seems like I am getting inconsistent results when viewing the My Lessons tabs. Lessons might be shown and then not be shown.

For example, I just sorted by newly imported. I did not see the lessons I imported today. I’ve been importing a news article every day this August and have them titled by date. I see some lessons imported from earlier this month, but not today’s or yesterday’s. However, I switched tabs then came back to My Lessons, chose to sort by newly imported again and now I see today’s and yesterday’s but I am missing August 20, 18, 16, 14, 13, 12. August 11 shows up though. I guess what I’m trying to saying is the results are definitely not consistent.

Also, if I change My Lessons tab to show courses, it is not showing all my courses. For example, I made a new course today, but it is not showing up in Course view under My Lessons.

As I mentioned before, it does seem like the top right of the site which lists your last 4 opened lessons is accurate though.

HTH troubleshooting.

This should be fixed now. Can you please check and confirm it works properly? Thanks!

Yes, looks much better thanks! It is still showing unknown words though on completed lessons. Is that a different issue?

Yes, that’s a different issue, we will get it fixed too.

Yes! thank you. It looks much better.

Well seems like there are still issues. This morning the same thing is happening with My Lessons. Switching between tabs or sort methods, some lessons show, some don’t. Sometimes all lessons are displayed correctly, sometimes they are missing.