My Lessons

Is there any way to view the section “My lesson” like before?

Sort by courses. So when you add a course it shows in “my lessons” as it appears in the course, and not mixing the lessons.

Before you could arquive lessons clicking in the litle square on the left and download lessons whitout having to enter in the lesson. It was very simple and intuitive and fast.

Can you no longer display the %age of unknown words in your lessons? I found that very useful.

I would like to have the sort from A-Z this way: collection, lesson (like it was before).
At the moment the sort is: lesson, collection.
It’s a total mess. I guess this is Tichco’s problem as well.

The previous “My Lessons” view is no longer available. We do intend to continue to improve the present view of the library, with your help. Please bear with us as we fix bugs and elements of the new LingQ that are not ideal.

The order that the lessons appear in a course will be improved so that they appear in their logical order. This is not the case right now but it is something that we are aware of and will fix. Sorry.

If you choose the List view of My Lessons you can tick off the lessons you wish to archive. At present the lessons will not be removed from the list until you refresh the page, or until you next open the My Lessons page.

We will bring back the New Words and New Words percentage for each lesson.

We will change the way the A-Z sort works to make sure that you either see the A-Z order for lessons or for courses, depending on what you have selected. Sorry for the confusion.