My Lessons / Shared check-box not working

Regardless of the state of the Shared check-box on the left (Checked, Unchecked) my imported lessons that I have not shared appear on the list.

@Csont - Everything looks fine for me. If I untick Private and have Shared selected, I see my Shared. If I untick Shared I see everything since I have no filters selected.

Thank you for your efforts.

It is strange that we are experiencing different things.

I have 23 active lessons in French, of which 3 are from the Library and 20 are imported by me. All these imported lessons is not shared (due to copyrights).

If I go to My Lessons and untick Private I see 23 lessons as if I had shared my imported ones. The screen refreshes but the same number of lessons come up.

Could you check my account then, please, as it seems that the system recognises my unshared lessons as shared?

Thank you.

@Csont - Ahh…this happens in My Lessons. I was looking in Imports. Yes, this looks like a bug. We will add it to the list.