My lessons not working

I keep trying to add lessons and every time I go to “my lessons” it just shows " No results to display. Try another search" I’ve added a couple courses and its worked before, but for some reason not now.

@raffster - Are you adding lessons from the Library or from the Recommended Lessons list on the Learn page? Do you see the lessons you have taken in your Timeline on the Learn page or in the Tasks dropdown (last 3 lessons)?

The Library. Yes when I open LingQ I do see all the lessons I've opened as in the past but the lessons I opened from the library don't show up other than one, when I just go into the learn bar and click on my lessons. But if I go to the left and click courses it shows all 4 courses I opened, 2 of Reinhard's and 2 of Vera's . I don't know. Its just never happened before, don't know if it's a glitch in the system or what.

@raffster - Everything seems to be working normally for me. Are you clicking to open the course and then clicking the “Take All” button at the top of the Course display to take all the lessons in the course? Or, are you clicking the Open button for each lesson individually? Any more detail you can provide on what exactly you are doing would be very helpful.