My lessons is empty in LingQ Android v4

On my Android tablet LingQ v4.9.22 (285) installed. Today, “My lessons” is become empty. I can not find any history lessons. It was fine.

“My lessons” is ok in the Web version. It is also ok in my Andoid phone which LingQ v5.2.21 (321) installed.

I used to read the imported books in lingQ v4 in my Android tablet, now I can not find any lessons in ‘my lessons’. I tried to uninstall it and reinstall it from Google Play, but no luck.

In LingQ v4 the only way I knew to access the imported lessons is via ‘My lessons’. Since My lessons become empty, I don’t know how can I access my imported lessons.

Strange. Are you sure that you have correct study language selected?

Yes, I selected the correct language—German.
Following is a screenshot:

Can you please reach me on support(at) I’ll need some additional information from you regarding the issue. Thanks!

I have sent an email to the address of support. let me know what information yoi need.

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I have the same problem! It started about two days ago, too.

Thanks, we are looking into it.

I have the same problem.